Letters to the Editor

Kathryn Pisaro | A Disrespectful Headline

Reading the recent headline, “Valencia mom wins $2.15M in CHP-discrimination case,” while eating breakfast made me spit out my cereal, especially when I read the entire article.  How about, “CHP

Letters to the Editor

Rob Kerchner | A Reality Check for the Left

San Francisco is fed up with the unlawful judicial activism that’s been encouraging homelessness, and is now begging conservatives on the Supreme Court to reverse the progressives on the 9th


Dan Walters | Free Speech Dustup Stirs Memories

Students at Sacramento’s McClatchy High School learned last month that if officialdom feels uncomfortable, it will trample on free speech. The Prospector, McClatchy’s student newspaper, published a random collection of

Commune with California’s Diverse Marine Life 

By Visit California  California’s western border is edged by oceans, bays, and other tidal waterways — all populated with their own colorful residents. Depending on the location, you can see

 3 Tips for Fueling Summer Adventures 

(Family Features) Summer is the time to get outside and remember the importance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed as a family. Encouraging children at an early age to

David Hegg

David Hegg | The Way of Wisdom

By David Hegg Since ancient times, wisdom has been a prized possession. Solomon, history’s wisest man, wrote, “Acquire wisdom, and with all your acquiring, get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7). He recognized