Ronald Perry | A Trio of Thanks

Neil Fitzgerald: Thank you for your perfectly expressed opinion column on May 13. I just don’t understand how anyone could read your column and not

Paul Butler | Truth at Work

I recently broke my collarbone in a bike accident, and so for the last few weeks I’ve been seeking advice from various specialists. The conflicting information

Rick Barker | Helping Others

I was raised by two very generous parents who always helped those in need when they could with food, household goods and toys, and hand-me-down 

Dr. Gene Dorio | Why Not Listen?

Why? As a long-time reader of The Signal and occasional letter-to-the-editor writer, I don’t understand why a high degree of personal attacks take place in

Joshua McGuffie | Let’s Talk

In his May 7 column, “Towards a More Perfect Union,” David Hegg makes a commendable plea for respectful civil discourse. We need more words like

Arthur Saginian | Vaccines and Wolves

In his March 11 letter, Thomas Oatway showed Charles Darwin’s theory is being proven correct. The funny part is, Mr. Oatway might not have considered

Bob Comer | A Double Standard?

Re: Letters to the editor, Lois Eisenberg, “Thomas Not So Supreme,” May 4. Why didn’t Lois mention Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan as well

David Hegg | Pain Becomes Privilege

By David Hegg In logic there is a fallacy known as non sequitur. This Latin phrase simply means “does not follow” and describes a situation