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This month’s issue talks with a few of the leaders in the local film industry, including Evan Thomason, at the city’s Film Office, and Steve Arklin Jr., who heads Rancho Deluxe, another popular filming destination out here.

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TV for toddlers: set limits, make good choices

While TV might keep your child busy, that screen time could come at the expense of other, more important activities. For example, it might be better for your child to use that time being active or visiting with family and friends.

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Banking on trust in Santa Clarita

When it comes to choosing a banking partner, today’s business owners and managers are looking for a relationship that provides them with expertise in their specific area and a bank that is willing to work with them as a trusted adviser to help achieve greater success.

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The SCV remains important hub for filming

“Hollywood North” has become a common moniker of the Santa Clarita Valley in reference to the large amount of filming that takes place here. And it’s true — there are many TV shows, feature films, music videos and commercials shot in our region.

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