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Make DEI part of your corporate DNA

 By Paul Raggio, co-owner One True North  DEI … diversity, equity and inclusion, is the subject of many corporate discussions and professional journals, and well

Business ventures amid the pandemic

While numerous businesses were negatively impacted by the pandemic, others were able to persevere, starting new business ventures in a difficult year.   Among the newcomers

Paul Butler | Fatherly leadership

Here are 6 similarities between good fathering and good leadership:  1. Just as good fathers know they must work hard and provide for their families, good leaders

Couple brings Caring Transitions to SCV

Husband-and-wife duo Jared and Victoria Erfle are teaming up and using past experience to help seniors with transitions and relocations. After seeing the need firsthand

Paul Butler | Work like Jared

Jared is a hard worker. He arrives 10 minutes before his shift starts. His belief is, he should be ready to begin his tasks right at