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Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Our Service Choices

I’m writing this while sitting on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. This is a special flight, primarily because my wife and I

Paul Raggio | Succession Plan – Do You Have One?

Ben Franklin, known for his proverbs appearing in “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” authored a time-immortal quote recognized worldwide, “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems

CalArts student wins top animation prize

By Sarah Sikandar  Signal Staff Writer  One grasshopper, one boot, an army of ants, and only one discarded plastic water bottle. Jingqi Zhang’s “Hopper’s Day”

Capt. Diez talks public safety with VIA

Homeowners with Ring security systems and the alerts on their smartphones are familiar with seeing neighbor reports of stolen packages, forced-entry burglaries or even questions

Paul Raggio | Leadership Routines

The day was the start of the U.S. ground offensive in the Gulf War. It was Jan. 16, 1991, and I was the operations officer

Drumming up support in Saugus

  Signal Staff Writer   If your errands took you to Albertsons on Bouquet Canyon Road on Saturday, you probably danced a little to the rhythm

Paul Raggio | Are You Developing Leaders?

The film won five Academy Awards and was the second highest-grossing film in 2000. Just like many of you, I’ve watched “Gladiator” several times and

Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Built to Last

I’ve been quite nostalgic of late. I was clicking through the property details of what was the first and only home of my paternal grandparents.