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Last Saturday, one of my best friends pointed out the parallels between Donald Trump’s ignominious downfall and the classic film Citizen Kane by remarking, “Just a thought – didn’t Citizen Kane threaten to put his political rival in jail right before a sex scandal cost him the election? Hmmmm.”

When the books are written about this outrageous, surreal campaign, surely this past week will be the one universally acknowledged as the week Donald Trump personally hammered the final nails into the coffin of his presidential ambitions.

Remember, this is the strategic “genius” who thought it’d be a clever maneuver to open up an attack front on Hillary Clinton by going after Bill Clinton’s indiscretions, oblivious to the 50 years of fodder in his own lurid personal history that could blow up in his face.

This is the self-proclaimed “brilliant” tactician who castigated Hillary Clinton for smearing her husband’s accusers, only to spend a week smearing a former Miss Universe who accused him of sexism, fat-shaming and bigotry, ultimately exhorting his Twitter followers to check out her sex tape… that didn’t exist.

This is the guy who claimed that “no one respects women more than me” who was then caught on videotape bragging about being entitled to grab a woman’s genitals without consent because “when you’re a star, they let you do it… you can do anything.” Evidently, Donald didn’t understand that he was describing sexual assault.

When forced to defend these indefensible comments, Donald and his sleazy surrogates tried to downplay the incident as “locker room talk” in a fruitless attempt to get him off the hook.

Their defense was that Trump wasn’t really a sexual predator who was bragging about his conquests… it’s just that Trump was a liar who only pretended to be a sexual predator to bond with a fellow TV host in a pathetic effort at male bonding. Because that’s a better explanation.

Burned by this embarrassing revelation, Donald was finally coerced by his handlers into releasing a poorly produced “apology” video that featured a stone-faced Trump looking like a P.O.W., delivering a curt, insincere apology so that he could get to the real issue: exhuming decades-old allegations against Bill Clinton in a “Hail Mary” effort to change the subject.

Trump then doubled down on this strategy before the second presidential debate, trotting out four of Bill Clinton’s accusers as awkward props in a stunt press conference to show how “concerned” he was about making sure victims of sexual harassment and assault were heard.

Not only did Trump’s carnival effort to psych out Hillary Clinton completely bomb, but he then walked into a trap when moderator Anderson Cooper pressed him on the “Access Hollywood” tape and asked him point blank if he had ever done the things he described. Pinned down, Trump categorically denied that he’d ever committed such acts.

And that blanket denial was all it took for at least ten women and counting from his past to get furious enough to finally step up, expose themselves to national scrutiny and share their personal stories of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Donald Trump with the public.

So how does Trump react to the onslaught of allegations? The guy who says he respects women more than anyone and was so concerned about sexual assault that he held a press conference to bring attention to the issue… accuses every single woman of lying, says the press should move on to more “important” issues, and insists they shouldn’t be listened to.

And as if that wasn’t hypocritical and insensitive enough, he then wisecracks about how these women weren’t even attractive enough to be worthy of his attention with comments like a sneering “look at her!” and a sarcastic “she wouldn’t be my first choice, that I can tell you.”

Then Trump boldly proclaims it’s all just another huge conspiracy to take him down that involves the Clintons, the mainstream media, establishment Republicans, even Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim – because how better to activate Trump supporters’ pleasure centers than accusing a rich Mexican of also being part of the plot to destroy his campaign and prevent “The Wall” from being built.

After convincing his fans that Global Warming is really a Chinese hoax, vaccines cause autism, Ted Cruz’s father was connected to the JFK assassination, and warning there’s an international banking conspiracy bent on undermining America, surely his sycophants would swallow one more grandiose scheme to deny him the presidency!

Yes, in these final, sad weeks, it’s now Trump against the world, convincing his devoted followers that the polls are wrong, the election is rigged, and he’s a messianic figure fighting to restore America to the glory days of the Mad Men era, when it was no big deal to wolf whistle at girls, pinch their tushes, and you didn’t have to be ashamed of telling racist jokes.

Trump lost the election for himself last week. And he wants you to know that it’s everyone else’s fault but his.

Charlie Vignola is a former college Republican turned liberal Democrat. He lives in Fair Oaks Ranch, works in the motion picture industry and loves his wife and kids.

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    “Charles Vignola: The week Trump lost” Charles love you man !!!!!
    Once an ignominious always a ignominious .******

    • Brian Baker

      “An ignominious”?

      What’s “an ignominious”?

      “Ignominious” is an adjective, not a noun.

    • indy


      Like it or not, our elections have become little more than religious conservative referendums on their ideology and core beliefs.

      The whole issue of infidelity should be a ‘private and personal’ one yet it’s used as ‘political leverage’ as the real problems facing our nation get ‘back burnered’.

      And that’s not to say that important issues facing women like sexual assault are not important, but there are other women’s issues like reproductive health including denying young people sex education, birth control, and family planning beyond anything that Trump has done.

      The women Trump has abused with his ‘powerful image’ can be addressed by them from lawsuits to simply slapping him in the face.

      I can appreciate the frustration of many Trump voters over the inaction of both political parties in Washington. The two parties have become little more than ‘lobbyist’ extensions for ‘corporate’ interest and not the ‘public’ interest.

      As far as the American Dream goes . . . found in Trump’s slogan . . . neither Trump or Clinton can grasp the globalization economic mechanics leading to off shoring of jobs and falling wages.

      Clinton’s ‘tax’ plan will solve nothing. Trump’s ‘promises’ are just that . . . his past history of business failures and bankruptcies are not supportive of his rhetoric.

      Unfortunately for all of us . . . the issues like climate change are beyond the ability of most Americans to grasp. Many voters just choose to ‘trust’ their political party positions without really grasping the issue. And the media is to blame here since rarely do they help the public grasp the issue beyond ‘scaring’ folks. Most folks I know still don’t know what a ‘greenhouse’ gas is let alone its role in global warming.

      With respect to the ‘wall’, most Americans are unaware of the unsustainable global population that is ‘driving’ human migration, falling wages and off shoring.

      And while it’s true that many Trump supporters are ‘buried’ in conspiracy innuendo and speculation, the media and Clinton do little to address same other than simply criticizing Trump which promotes no rational communication toward solving our nation’s problems.

      Personally, I’m embarrassed for our nation . . . that here in 2016 we can’t do any better that polluted political discourse that doesn’t address issues like energy and sustainability.

      How much oil do we have in the US? Most folks haven’t the slightest clue . . . yet this will have a more demonstrative effect on everyone versus the nonsense being put forth by either candidate.

      Finally, Hillary’s plans do indeed have more substances that Trumps but she is a politician indebted to many large corporate interest so even if she wins, we’ll still be the partisan ‘blame game’ . . . where the public can’t decide who’s addressing reality versus just pandering to the public’s ignorance.

      Trump has become a ‘super’ politician in that his promises are almost without limit . . . but that’s really no different than any other politician.

  • tech

    Another “Democratic Voices” Trump column in a state that has awarded all electoral votes to presidential candidates with the magic (D) since 1988? *Yawn*

  • Brian Baker

    Oh, good grief, Chuckie. Same old, same old. You’re just an echo chamber of yourself.

    Dude… we ALL know Trump’s a buffoon. Even those of us now reluctantly supporting him have been VERY vocal over the past year+ — in our columns, LTEs, and on the comment threads — about what a lousy candidate he is.

    Why don’t you try something original for a change. Give us some reasons why Clinton’s a GOOD candidate to vote FOR. Now there’s a challenge for ya. And try to do better than your bud Zaring did over the weekend. All he could come up with is that she has a vagina. Frankly, I find that incredibly unpersuasive.

    Why don’t you laud her cleverness in avoiding prosecution for her felonious handling of her official email correspondence as SecState, including classified info? Or the skill with which, again as SecState, she managed to set the Middle East on fire, and uncage Putin’s aggressions, while encouraging China to start expanding aggressively into the South China Sea? Isn’t that noteworthy? Were you as impressed as I was by her mastery of the corruption necessary to cheat Bernie Sanders out of any chance of winning his run for your party’s nomination? I thought that was pretty slick; didn’t you?

    C’mon, Chuckie, step up to the plate.

  • robert stauffer

    I see God’s fingerprints everywhere in our current election circumstance.

    From the ‘accidental’ discovery of Hillary’s illegal server, to the unbelievable rise of Donald Trump, to Wikileaks, to the latest attempt at character assassination.

    I think God is giving America a clear choice at a pivotal moment in her history – we have been slipping towards immorality, increasing death with abortions, and increasing debt (both financial and spiritual). Trump is not righteous, but we know the source of our decay is the opposition and we know God frequently uses imperfect people to fulfill righteous purposes.

    Christians must certainly see that religious liberties are under assault under the current regime, and Hillary Clinton would only bring more of the same.

    As for this author’s piece, it is no surprise that the losing side needs the proverbial ‘Hail Mary’ to win the game, but God has carried Trump this far and I just don’t see Him leaving Trump flat in the end zone. Unless America chooses to turn away.


    “What’s “an ignominious”?” Not reputable or decent, dishonorable, humiliating.>>>>>>>>>

    • Brian Baker

      Yes, doof, as I said, it’s an adjective, not a noun. There’s no such thing as “an ignominious”.

      Get it now?


    “she has a vagina. ” HERE WE GO AGAIN >>>>>>>>>>>

  • hopeful

    I guess the Signal won’t let people post links anymore? Or is it because the three links I provided reflect the outrageous corruption of the Clinton cartel?

  • noonan

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no longer necessary to read the mind numbing trash spouted by the former Republican and rational moderate and other leftists on these pages. It’s literally the same idiocy every single week. The funny thing is that almost nobody here likes Trump so who is your audience Chuckles?

    • tech

      It’s participation in a Two Minutes Hate, Noonan.

      The echo chamber signals virtue to itself as they publicly display groupthink.

      • hopeful

        Who would have thought back then that Orwell would turn out to be a modern-day prophet?

  • hopeful

    Yes, but your link is probably not on their “do not post” list. For every comment I made, I posted a link. The first comment was how Bill Ivey wrote to Podesta about them conspiring to keep people “unaware and compliant,” and the link was from the Inforwars website. The second comment I made was about the undercover video that proved that Hillary’s campaign PAID people to incite violence at Trump events, and I liked to the actual video, which can be found on the dredge report. The third comment I made was about the movie Clinton Cash, which shows the money trail and corruption of the Clinton Foundation that anyone can watch for free by going to googling, which will bring you to the Breitbart website, where you can click on the movie to watch it for free.

    Maybe that post and the links will show up later today, but so far, it is obviously in moderator limbo.

    • tech

      I read that Facebook had blocked links to Wikileaks content but later rescinded it.

      • hopeful

        I also posted the undercover video on the John Zaring thread, and that post hasn’t shown up either. So I know for sure that particular link is blocked. But for those of you, who want to see that video in full, go to the dredge report, and click on the top left area with the title: O’Keefe: Dems Incite Violence at Trump Rallies.

        So far, the one person was fired, but are people naive enough to think that his actions were his alone? If so, I have ocean front property to sell you in Arizona 🙂

        • tech

          I believe you meant Drudge Report, Hopeful.

          • hopeful

            Whoops, yes, that is what I meant Tech. Thanks!

    • Brian Baker

      The problem might be in linking to videos.

      • hopeful

        lol, yes, I noticed that too Brian. I am having a hard time getting used to this new format, I guess.

  • hopeful

    Well, let’s see if this one makes it through. Remember not that many years ago when Vignola and all his Democrat friends vilified the rest of us, who were opposed to Obamacare? Well, looks like Hillary WANTS the Republicans to repeal Obamacare, but of course, she isn’t letting the public know that, is she? How is that working for all you Hillary supporters? Are you really okay with the massive corruption, lies, and lack of transparency?

    • Brian Baker

      “Are you really okay with the massive corruption, lies, and lack of transparency?”

      I’m assuming that was purely rhetorical? Because clearly they are.


    “The funny thing is that almost nobody here likes Trump so who is your audience”
    The posters who react at the mention of his name.>>>>>>
    Republicans on this forum don’t have to like the Donald , but their far right opinions are indicative
    of some of Trump’s deplorable agendas. >>>>>>>


    “Family messages can save teen drivers”
    Posters take heed to this message if you have teens or not >>>>>


    “Are you really okay with how the Republican party is acting and reacting to Trump ?????????

  • noonan

    You know Lois, knowing what “right lane must turn right” can save teen drivers too! People not knowing what it means and having them removed from the road can also save teen drivers.

    • hopeful

      What will really save teen drivers is taking away the license of one elderly woman, who regularly comments here.

  • hopeful

    Yep, leave it up to projalice11 to try (unsuccessfully) to caste off the demons of her own party.

    I am not a Trump supporter, projalice11. What’s your excuse for being a Hillary supporter?

    • Brian Baker

      “Yep, leave it up to projalice11 to try (unsuccessfully) to caste off the demons of her own party.”

      As well as her former screen name, too, apparently.

      Trying to escaper her reputation and start over again under a different alias?

      Where’s Zaring? 911 for Jonh Zaring! We need John Zaring here, the Screen Name Police, stat!

      • Brian Baker

        Well, I see that this new inability to edit our comments after posting them is going to reveal to all why I dub myself the Typo King.


  • noonan

    Hey hey, my name IS Noonan! Didn’t anyone ever see Caddyshack? That was me!


    When Donald goes to Las Vegas tomorrow Wed. 19th the only table that casinos will allow him
    to gamble at will be the “CRAP” table.
    He will roll the dice showing snake eyes or “CRAPS”
    Donald will not throw the lucky numbers 7/11, and he will continue to throw snake eyes or craps
    until he feels that enough is enough because his luck has run out.
    He will of course say that the dice are rigged.>>>>>>>

    • noonan

      Do you have any idea how foolish you appear?

      • Brian Baker

        Probably not. She’s “an ignominious”.

    • tech

      Regression in public. I recollect witnessing similar examples of scintillating intellect in grade school.

    • “He will of course say that the dice are rigged.>>>>>>>”

      For you Lois:

      • hopeful

        Gene – now we know why Trump decided to say “the system is rigged.” It worked for Lois’s favorite politicians, I guess Trump figured he would try it out.

    • hopeful

      Oh, and here I thought you were going to say that the Hillary’s team would only be allowed to play that game, considering Hillary’s campaign bus illegally dumped its crap in the Lawrenceville, GA. storm drain the other day! Hillary and her campaign certainly can’t say their @#$% don’t stink!

    • I think Bill’s game is poker.


    The”CRAP” table post was a joke and quiet clever, but for the losers I feel bad that it went over their heads .>>>>>>>
    Do any of you posters have any idea how foolish you appear for not catching on that the “CRAP” table post was a joke???????????????????????

    • hopeful

      What is funny is that YOU don’t understand that Eric and I not only caught on to your joke, but we had fun mocking and joking back. Which shows that the joke was on you, Nishka 🙂


    “I think Bill’s game is poker.” I think you are right. You have a better chance at playing poker than
    groping at a “CRAP” table. >>>>>>>>>

  • Do you think Bill can play poker without a cigar?

    • hopeful

      I don’t know, Eric. I bet Monica can answer that one 🙂


    “What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas”
    Tomorrow night Wed. 18th will be Custer’s (Trump’s) last stand , and however Trump conducts himself,
    and he will go off the rails, which will add to his foolishness , he won’t act or look Presidential, which we know
    that he isn’t >>>>>>>>>


    “Do you think Bill can play poker without a cigar?” ASK HIM >>>>>>

  • reason1

    Chuckles publishes another vapid and repetitive article bashing the Republican. His “Democratic Voices” column unlike Zaring’s “Rational Center” does ring true at least and proves that the only voices Democrats every hear are ways to demonize the opposition as opposed to laying out rational and logic arguments to support their policies and agenda.

    Chuckles turned in another article so pat him on the back, give him his participation trophy and he will smile proudly with determination to come back for more next month.

    If the motion picture industry is full of a bunch of Chuckles it may explain why they keep putting out the same old garbage time and time again thinking it will resonate.

  • Nishka

    “Lock her up”
    “Such incendiary talk is an affront to elementary democratic decency and a breach of the boundaries of American political discourse.”

  • Nishka

    “The week Trump lost” plus a day !!!!
    Charlie tonight at the Presidential Debate was another time that the groper lost !!!

  • Nishka

    “At third debate, Trump won’t commit to accepting election results if he loses”
    Political suicide for white bread Pence who said the opposite !!!!!

  • Nishka

    The third debate was a walk through and Hillary didn’t pussy ( pun intended) foot around with the “GROPER”

    “Do any of you posters have any idea how foolish you appear?”