Rep. Steve Knight (R-Palmdale)
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The recent smear ads attacking U.S. Army veteran Congressman Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, on his position on Social Security couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Despite what West Los Angeles lawyer Bryan Caforio’s desperate attacks claim, Steve Knight is dedicated to preserving Social Security benefits for U.S. retirees.

Far too often, political opportunists like Caforio deliberately misconstrue hot-button issues like Social Security in order to run a dirty smear campaign on their opponents. I have had enough of Caforio’s cheap attacks.

Not only is Steve Knight a supporter of Social Security, he is also willing to offer solutions to the issues that threaten its stability.

Knight is offering common-sense fixes to the broken program while Bryan Caforio wastes time hurling cheap political attacks. This stark contrast speaks volumes to the type of leadership both candidates bring to the table.

I want real leaders who offer real solutions and who will fight to preserve my Social Security. I don’t want political opportunists who pounce on the opportunity to throw mud.

Steve Knight has stepped up as the only adult in the room when it comes to the issue. I hope others will follow his lead.

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  • Brian Baker

    I’m with you, Valerie.

    Let’s send the Westside carpetbagger back home where he belongs.

  • ronos

    Social Security Isn’t broken, and Steve Knight would gladly join with his Republican colleagues to eviscerate it because Any Social Program goes against their “values”
    Knight is a Chump who needs to be Dumped.

    • tech

      In sharp contrast to your willful mendacity and name calling, Ronos, here’s Rep. Knight’s actual position on Social Security direct from the source:

      “We must act to ensure that Social Security is preserved and protected for current and future retirees; there is no doubt about this. That means that everyone who is currently receiving Social Security payments must continue doing so, and we should also take steps to ensure that the program is available for future generations.

      Unfortunately decades of inaction by both political parties has put our Social Security system directly in harm’s way. In 1945, there were approximately 42 workers paying into the system for every retiree receiving Social Security benefits. Currently, there are only about 3 workers for every retiree, and soon there will be only 2 workers for every beneficiary. The program is paying out far more than it is bringing in and its trust funds will be exhausted by 2035. This means that in two decades, Social Security will become insolvent because it will not be able to pay out one hundred percent of promised benefits to retirees. This is unacceptable.

      Many believe that even the slightest mention of Social Security reform is politically unthinkable, and feel the best course of action is to ignore this problem or let future generations sort it out. This line of thinking is irresponsible and will endanger our children’s future. Instead, what we ought to do is set politics aside and work on a bipartisan solution that will preserve Social Security for current and future generations.

      This will not be a simple process, and we will need to pursue several approaches to address this multi-faceted problem. For example, the House is currently working to eliminate costly Social Security fraud and abuse by closing a loophole in the disability insurance program that allows individuals to receive both unemployment insurance and disability payments.

      Additionally, by addressing the current pay structure we can ensure public funding is appropriately dispersed among those living on a fixed income. Just because someone spent their career working 9-5, and earning 9.50 an hour, doesn’t mean they should be subjected to a poverty-stricken retirement at less than $950.00 per month.

      Protecting and preserving Social Security for future generations is extremely important, and will require bipartisan cooperation. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the House on ensuring our most reliable safety net is around for the retirees of today and tomorrow.”

  • ronos

    Steve Knight would gladly join with his Republican colleagues to eviscerate Social Security Through privatization .
    Knight is a Chump who needs to be Dumped.

    • Brian Baker

      Yeah, I think he also wants to starve Grandma and little kids, strangle puppies, and throw minorities into the ocean.

      You left those out…

    • tech

      I’d urge you to check out Swedish and Chilean social insurance reforms but we know you don’t perform any research, Ronos.