Brian Baker: Consider the decisive presidential factor


Three men are in a small boat far from shore. The boat is being circled by hungry sharks when it suddenly springs a leak.

Two of the men start desperately trying to fix the leak and bail out the boat, but the third man starts examining the tools and complaining about the quality of the bucket.

That’s pretty much where we find ourselves in this election cycle.

There are two lousy candidates running for president. One of the two is going to be elected president.

That person will be deciding whom to nominate to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, possibly the most important decision a president can make because the effect of that decision can last for decades.

That president will most likely be appointing one, and possibly two, new Supreme Court justices within a pretty short period.

Trump has promised to replace Scalia with a nominee of like kind and has released a list of very appealing candidates. Clinton has very publicly stated that she thinks the Citizens United (First Amendment) and Heller (Second Amendment) rulings should be reversed.

That issue alone makes the choice a very easy one. One candidate will do his best to nominate Supreme Court justices who will work to preserve our constitutional rights; the other will try her hardest to sink those same rights.

It’s an easy choice for any conservative to make. As repulsive as Trump is, Clinton is worse by orders of magnitude. And we have a ship of state to save.

The NeverTrump people are much more concerned with preserving their own conservative “purity” and won’t vote for Trump. The quality of the bucket – or candidate – is below their standard of acceptability.

They absolutely refuse to compromise their “integrity” by deigning to use such low-quality tools. For them, it’s nobler to let the damned boat – or the country – sink than to soil their hands with such demeaning material.

They fail to recognize, or accept, that when the boat goes down those hungry sharks are going to gobble them up right along with the guys who tried desperately to keep the boat afloat.

Because the sharks don’t care.

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