Carole Lutness: Miffed at Signal

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Oh the hypocrisy of the Signal’s Editorial Board to withhold their endorsement of Christy Smith for having sent out a hit mailer about Dante Acosta about his association with a local hate group when 8 years ago the same thing was done to me by Cameron Smyth and you gave him your endorsement.

In fact, several PACs targeted me with false statements like “Don’t vote for Carole Lutness. She will raise your taxes. She will destroy Prop 36, etc.”. Funny those same things are being said about Christy Smith in various hit mailers I have received. Almost verbatim!

Admit it, The Signal is the House Organ of the Republican Party, the developers and City Council. You couldn’t make an honest endorsement if your life depended on it.

Christy Smith is an outstanding person who has the intelligence and vision to be an incredible Assembly person. And she doesn’t associate with right-wing hate mongers.

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