Valerie Thomas: Boydston listens to neighborhood concerns

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Did you know it takes approval from three City Council members before an item can be placed on the agenda?

That means if your neighborhood has a concern and you contact all members of the City Council, at least three of them must deem it worthy before it will be put on the agenda and the council will discuss it.

Our city is set up so that each and every council member is to represent all members of the community. Yet no concern will be discussed unless the majority of the City Council agrees to hear it.

Small issues might be easily solved if discussed in a timely manner – or grow significantly if allowed to fester.

I have sent questions or concerns to all five members of the City Council and have heard back from only one: TimBen Boydston.

He recognizes that each of our neighborhoods is unique and may have unique concerns. The rest of the council deals only with issues they deem significant to the entire city.

Many of us feel overlooked by the majority of the City Council.

I’m supporting TimBen Boydston. He listens to neighborhood concerns and tries to solve problems before they become huge.


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