Lois Eisenberg: No third presidential debate, please


Please spare us from a third presidential debate.

The last two debates were dominated by a lady in the house and showed there was not a gentleman in the house.

The lady in the house performed like a presidential candidate. The man in the house performed like a complete and utter tyrant, ranting and raving and showing no signs that he had any presidential qualifications.

The lady in the house showed patience, class and knowledge. The man in the house displayed no manners, lacked ethics, lacked morals, lacked the persona of becoming a president, and looked more like a tyrant as opposed to being composed, stately, in command of a situation. He shows no signs of being rational or in control.

The third debate could be catastrophic and could show the rest of the world that America could chose a man of no scruples who could send America in a downward spiral.

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