Marybelle Knight: Third place in November election should replace Acosta


Addressing The Signal’s Oct. 4 headline “City may face dilemma if candidate wins state seat,” it seems to me that you are making a mountain out of a molehill (but isn’t that what politics is all about?).

In the Nov. 8 election there will be three top vote-getters for City Council seats. The two top ones will fill the two seats that are on the ballot, and the third should fill Dante Acosta’s seat if he is elected to the Assembly.

A special election is not fair to the taxpayer’ pocketbooks or to the individuals who have spent time and money campaigning for this election.

And if city leaders opt to have a committee of 15 to evaluate applications, they are basically reinforcing the opinion of the people – that the City Council does not listen to the wishes of the people it represents.

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