Stern is the best for 27th Senate District

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Thank you to The Signal for your endorsement of Henry Stern for state Senate District 27.

I have volunteered for Henry Stern for a year. During that time, I’ve seen him work relentlessly in every corner of the district to understand all concerns and to formulate potential actions.

His endorsements also include the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.

We are fortunate that our district has wonderful open space, and that California is attracting new clean-technology businesses. We owe that to Sen. Fran Pavley’s time in the state Senate.

Henry worked for her for the last four years of her 12-year term. Fran endorsed Henry and stumps for him.

Even though I only met him a year ago, and, yes, I live in Malibu, this man has the insight, wisdom, character and dedication to serve the pubic that will make everyone who votes for him very, very proud.

He is well respected in Sacramento, as well. Please vote Henry Stern for state Senate District 27.

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