Flags placed by the Boy Scouts waive in the wind as they mark the headstones of fallen servicemembers at Eternal Valley Memorial Park on Memorial Day 2015. KATHARINE LOTZE/Signal
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Why is Hillary always guilty until proven innocent? Why aren’t the FBI and Supreme Court non-partisan?

The court stepped in and gave us President Bush. Now the FBI has stepped in and may give us President Trump.

Sure makes it hard to remain independent.

One thing is certain: The next four years will be a total loss no matter who wins.

A Trump win means the Goofy Obstructionist Party will be in charge and the face of America will be forever changed. If Hillary wins, the Goofy Obstructionist Party will block everything returning to stagnation to D.C.

Either way, the American people will be the losers. Also the FBI, Supreme Court and possibly the Justice Department will be operating under a major stain.

I have voted in many, many elections, some turning out all right, some not so. Many changes have developed over those years, leaving me with a feeling my America is dated. 

But this election cycle has left me feeling my America has died.

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  • Brian Baker

    Well, bud, judging by your voting record and the leftist drivel in your letter, I hope “your” America HAS died.

  • Yusef Nazarian

    Always interesting to hear how each individual Democrat articulates in their own personal way the victim blame game.

  • Nishka

    “Has America died?”
    If America dies you can blame the “deplorable” grave digger-“groper” Trump !!!!!

  • tech

    “The court stepped in and gave us President Bush.”

    The writer begs the question and offers no proof.

    “Goofy Obstructionist Party”

    A demonstration of the dysfunctional voter who doesn’t understand how our Republic is architected with a separation of powers, i.e. the current Congress was elected *as a check on the Executive* after the Obamacare debacle and foreign policy buffoonery.

    What’s wrong with American can be resolved by applying critical thinking to guide us back to a Constitutional, limited government. That’s not what’s offered in this LTE.

    • tech


  • nohatejustdebate

    America hasn’t died Don, but under Secretary of State Clinton, it was definitely for sale. Despite the Attorney General acting more like Clinton’s personal defense lawyer, we are slowing learning more details why your candidate used a private server and then deleted over 30,000 emails. It’s becoming more and more obvious that she sold political influence for money and exploited the Clinton Foundation as the pass-through for the cash. In exchange for donations, the Clinton Foundation hired the donor’s companies for work so they could make huge profits. It would be like the Red Cross accepting a million dollar donation from a company and then hiring that same company for a job to make huge profits.

    You don’t use Bleachbit to acid wash emails about yoga classes. Wake up, Don.

  • nohatejustdebate

    And in your childish labeling of the “Goofy Obstructionist Party”, you may have stumbled onto the truth.

    The Republican Party was given control of both House of Government by the America people for the exact purpose of obstructing Obama’s destructive agenda. They are also goofy because they cowardly failed most of the time. They let Barack Obama get away with far too much with his pen and cell phone.

  • robert stauffer

    Yes Nohate, I concur….the Republican Congress did nothing the stop Obama…but watch them suddenly grow a spine to oppose Trump…should he win…

  • Nishka

    “Barack Obama get away with far too much with his pen and cell phone.”


  • dukie

    America may not have died yet, but it’s getting it’s last rites under Obama and democrat “leadership”.

  • nohatejustdebate

    Yes Nishka, I’m sure this is exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind for the Executive Branch when they crafted our Constitution.

  • noonan

    Another dopey leftist claiming to be independent offering up the usual nonsense without any facts to back his assertions. I’ll tell you when America died, it died today when it was announced by COC that they will be offering courses in LGBTQWTF studies. Now we can really prepare our youngsters for the new century!

    By the way, can anyone explain to me the purpose of the “Q” in LGTBQ studies?

  • tech


    You are the embodiment of the symbol of your party, desiring to be ridden and told where to go.

  • nohatejustdebate

    The “Q” stands for queer but it can also represent “questioning” if you choose to challenge what’s written on your birth certificate by a physician. If you disagree with this, it’s because you’re an anti-science bigot. And remember, only a gay person can call another gay person queer just like only a black person can only call another black person n*gger, otherwise it’s considered highly offensive.

    Does that help clear it up?

  • noonan

    Actually yes, it does help since I thought Q was for queer which was already covered by L and G. Since we’re on the subject, isn’t a L also a G? Pretty soon they’re going to have so many letters that people aren’t going to know what to call them.