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With less than one week left before what some are calling the most important election of our lifetime, we are left with the two most questionable (that’s the nicest word I could find) candidates in history.

Let’s review. If one candidate wins she is likely to be indicted, more emails will surface, more explanations that no one understands, plus we get the bonus of the old philandering former president as our first … um … gentleman.

And there will be more questions on Benghazi and big banks speeches.

If the other candidate gets in, will he really sue American citizens, all 11 them? (Those numbers are getting Bill Cosby-like; at some point every one of them cannot be lying.)

A president who has used the system, albeit legally, to go bankrupt six times in order not to pay certain contactors; we will likely never see his tax returns – you know, the ones that show he paid no taxes for as many as 18 years?

So what is an independent left to do? I was going to vote for Gary Johnson the stoner (admitted) who could not name any world leader and had no idea what, who or where Aleppo was. Jill Stein is clueless on national affairs.

So there is a very large group of voters just like me who have voted in every election since the age of 18 who will not vote for any presidential candidate this year.

Yes, I will vote for all the props, all down ballot candidates as well, but I refuse to sell my morals just for the sake of voting for president.

And I further resent those who say I am wasting my vote. I would rather have a non-vote of confidence over voting for two people who are liars, racists, homophobic and xenophobic.

It’s sad that this is the first and only election in my life that I am dreading no matter what the outcome. Pray for America…

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  • John, I share your sentiment but have decided to vote for Gary Johnson, not because I think he is the right person for the job, but because I want to support the validity of a viable third party candidate in future elections. I want the Republicans and Democrats to take notice that their tactics that have alienated so many citizens will cost them in fundraising and votes.

    If third party candidates don’t get votes, the Republicans and Democrats have no reason to pay attention to the voices of discontent.

  • nohatejustdebate

    John, I understand your frustrations but too much patriot’s blood has been spilled for you or anyone else not to vote for America’s next president.

    If we base our selection on personalities alone, remember that George Washington owned slaves along with most of the Founding Fathers. He would not have gotten your vote. Winston Churchill has been credited for saving Europe from the Nazis but if his life was scrutinized by today’s social media, you’d likely not vote for him. Same with Kennedy and so on.

    A vote for Clinton or Trump is not an acceptance of their personal behavior so it’s not selling your morals. You should base your vote on which vision and agenda best represents your morals. Trump was not my choice in the primaries but I plan to vote for him next week. I’m not voting for the messenger. I’m voting for the message of smaller government, less taxes, stronger military, Constitutional Supreme Court justices, pro-life values, and religious freedom. Clinton’s message is the antithesis of these American values.

    Too much has been paid for my freedom to sit this one out.

  • hopeful

    I have already sent in my ballot, and I agree with your position John. I have, however, considered Eric’s point, and I discussed the valid reason to vote for Gary Johnson for the sole purpose to get the Libertarian party over the 5% threshold, so the Dems and Republican parties will hopefully have some competition one day.

    I just hope that after this election, regardless of which Presidential candidate wins, that we Americans will demand that our government representatives work FOR THE PEOPLE, and NOT FOR THEMSELVES!

  • nohatejustdebate

    With respect….if most voters in America follow your logic, we will be guaranteed . . .

    – Obamacare permanently entrenched and all the misery that follows
    – a Supreme Court hopelessly lost to liberal ideology for decades
    – mass immigration on a scale we’ve never seen
    – more violence and alienation of law enforcement
    – expanded entitlements we cannot possibly sustain
    – increasing threats to our religious liberties
    – further cuts to our military
    – greater threats from ISIS, Russia, and peddlers of terrorism
    – a national debt spiraling trillions more out of control
    – and continued corruption in the White House enabled by Hillary Clinton’s election

    BUT…we can pat ourselves on the back that we stayed true to our moral convictions while America burns.

  • robert stauffer

    The author of this piece and some of the posters here should listen to Peter Thiel’s recent speech supporting Trump. Simple, and it makes sense.

  • Yusef Nazarian

    California will go to Killary – all 55 electoral college votes. Voting for Trump, Johnson, Mickey Mouse, doesn’t matter a single millimeter. Your vote is legally worthless here. Go ahead don’t cast a vote, it didn’t matter anyway. Even if you were a flaming establishment sellout and voted for her, it doesn’t get her 56, she only gets 55 here so even a vote for hillary hits a ceiling of worthlessness.

    Vote locally.

  • “I was going to vote for Gary Johnson … who could not name any world leader and had no idea what, who or where Aleppo was.”

    All true, but Johnson can be taught about those subjects, Clinton can not be taught how NOT to have a history of lying and corruption, and Trump can not be taught how NOT to have a history of being a misogynistic douche bag.

  • nohatejustdebate

    Horrible choices Gene, but one of them will be the next president.

    I cannot defend Trump but he’s not under criminal investigation for betraying America’s national security.

    • Agreed NHJD, but since we live in California, it doesn’t matter. The fact that we have two loony democrats and zero republicans running for the senate is evidence of just how liberal the voters of CA are.

      My vote for Johnson is for my own peace of mind.

  • robert stauffer

    I believe Trump could win California – Huh – How can he win CA???

    For one thing, I just checked the LA times poll which says Trump is getting 40% of the Latino vote. Romney got 27% in 2012 – (that’s 50% more by the way – a huge increase) .

    The LA Times Poll prints the result that Trump is getting 40% of the Latino vote, yet they still have the temerity to editorialize and say his ‘comments’ have hurt him with Latinos. The numbers aren’t lying, but the paper is.

    I think every vote for Trump matters – even in Cali.

  • Nishka

    “Hillary is not under criminal investigation ”
    “Emails Warrant No New Action Against Hillary Clinton, F.B.I. Director Says”

    The Latino’s are finally going to get their retaliation against Trump !!! HOW SWEET IT IS !!!~

  • Nishka

    “I think every vote for Trump IS A VOTE AGAINST OUR DEMOCRACY !!!!!!

  • nohatejustdebate

    “Hillary is not under criminal investigation ”

    How pathetic it must be when this is the best thing you can say about your presidential candidate.

  • Nishka

    “With Trump our boat isn’t just driving toward the falls. He has powered the motor and is propelling us at full speed, while half of the country shrieks in fear and the other half, in deranged delirium, giddily greets destruction.”

  • Nishka

    “Optimism From Hillary Clinton and Darkness From Donald Trump at Campaign’s End”

    • Say hello to President Trump, Lois!

      Embrace you’re new reality!