Cal Erickson: Thanks to veteran advocate Bill Reynolds

Bill Reynolds examines updated drawings of the proposed warrior memorial as he stands at it's new proposed location under the trees at the corner of Newhall and Market Street at veterans historical plaza in Newhall on July 7, 2016. 070716 DAN WATSON

Vietnam veteran Bill Reynolds has stepped up to advocate for the veterans of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Bill is the main man behind the establishment of the Fallen Warrior Monument, and as Signal readers know he is telling the stories of some of our veterans.

I especially like hearing the stories of the Vietnam veterans who came home to a mostly ungrateful America and were not too well accepted at the time.

As for myself, I didn’t do anything more than thousands of teenagers did after Pearl Harbor, but after being interviewed by Bill for two hours he convinced me that my story as a WWII pilot would be newsworthy. I hope it was.

I want to publicly thank Bill Reynolds for all he has done and is doing for veterans, and I also want to thank The Signal for giving him the space to do it.

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