Gerald Staack: Let’s ensure legislation is good for all of us


Congress is forever passing laws slanted to bring unfathomable profits to corporate powers. But more often than not, many are at the expense of society.

For example, laws that allow corporations to weasel away from supplying employee benefits by shifting their costs onto workers create a huge burden on society.

NAFTA, another example of congressional legislation, created joblessness, homelessness and a deteriorating society.

With so many angry voters now, we need a Congress that will only pass new laws after a Societal Impact Study, or SIS, that shows the new law as having a positive effect on society.

It’s just like an Environmental Impact Study. If it’s bad for society, it should go into File 13.

Once an SIS program becomes standard practice, there’s new hope for the disadvantaged. I still see considerable profits available for the corporate powers that have visions of building vast heritages.


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