Pete Bellas, Joe Klocko: Support COC students and SCV businesses; vote for Bruce Fortine

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One of the core missions of California Community Colleges is to support economic development in the regions they serve, and Mr. Fortine has supported that College of the Canyons mission with leadership, vision and commitment that has spanned the entire history of the college.

He brings expertise and experience to the role of trustee that enable him to effectively plan for the future while maximizing opportunities in the present.

As former deans of the college’s Economic Development Division, we have had the privilege to work with Bruce Fortine for almost two decades. Bruce has consistently demonstrated that he has what it takes to make a difference in the quality of higher education and workforce preparation in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Bruce has a rich history of creating opportunity by:

•          Listening to parents, educators, business and community leaders and using that information to develop productive partnerships;

•          Advocating for and advancing COC’s strategic position;

•          Putting in the enormous effort that it takes to secure funding to build the University Center and the Institute for Culinary Education and complete the Canyon Country campus;

•          Supporting and fostering the development of the Fast Track Institute and Employee Training Institute that offer training leading to advancement and high-paying jobs;

•          Raising over half a million dollars in scholarship funds to help students.

Bruce has earned our vote through hard work, being accessible and by listening and being responsive to his constituents.

Excellence is not an accident; it is a result of commitment, proven experience, a determination to aim high and a passion to excel. Bruce demonstrates this in all he does.

Please join us in casting your vote for Bruce Fortine on Nov. 8 so that College of the Canyons continues to excel in delivering services to its students and businesses in the SCV.

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