Valerie Thomas: Choose Boydston for open City Council seat

TimBen Boydston waves to motorists as he campigns at the corner of Bouquet Canyon Road and Soledad Canyon Road. Dan Watson/the Signal

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best.

The last time there was a vacancy on the City Council was when then Councilman Cameron Smyth was elected to the state Legislature.

At the time, City Council elections were not held in conjunction with General Elections. So the City Council opened up the process of applying for Smyth’s seat to interested citizens and, after a tedious selection process, it chose TimBen Boydston.

This time, the process is even more apparent: We have just had a General Election; Councilman Acosta was elected to the state Legislature and consequently a vacancy exists on the City Council.

The most economical and expedient solution is to pick the third-place finisher to the Nov. 8 City Council race: TimBen Boydston.

The community has spoken as to its choice; the council should follow suit and select Boydston to replace Acosta.

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