Ian Martinez: Sacrifice should be acknowledged, admired

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It takes a braver person than I to sacrifice so much and join the armed forces. I have nothing but respect for those special men and women who do have that courage.

However, our veterans all too often do not receive the treatment they deserve.

My name is Ian Martinez; I am a student at the College of the Canyons. My grandfather fought in World War II.
Thankfully he came home, but not all of his friends did. Seeing memorials to his fellows who did not return means more to him than he can express.

Three of my cousins either recently did or soon will join the military. If any of them were to be killed serving their country, it would be enormously meaningful if their sacrifice was acknowledged and honored by people outside of my family.

The same sentiment should be extended to all fallen warriors.

To the Santa Clarita City Council: I am grateful for your cooperation in creating a monument to the Santa Clarita Valley’s heroes who perished.

As a citizen who recognizes that his freedom comes from our soldiers’ noble sacrifices, I ask you to extend your generosity to the newest vision of the monument.

Your help is all we need to create something great that our local heroes deserve.


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