Jodi Champagne: Honoring our veterans with dignity

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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I am an American, as well as a daughter and wife of a veteran. I’ve dedicated my life to honor the veterans who had given their life or suffered injuries to fight for our beliefs and freedom.

I work with many veterans from various wars, from WWII to the present. Hearing their stories first-hand is an amazing, heart-wrenching and humbling experience.

Being part of the community and a patriotic American I feel we don’t do enough for our veterans. I appreciate that the Santa Clarita City Council approved this special monument for our fallen veterans, which was funded by the community.

But I am urging City Hall to take the leadership role to properly honor our brave souls who died fighting for our freedom by extending the pergola with lighting and a walkway, which will give this special monument a solemn and dignified setting our warriors so deserved.

The city typically has done many great things for our military and veterans. To continue your outstanding tradition you should make this happen.


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