Lois Eisenberg: Misgivings over Trump’s Cabinet appointments


More than 64,223,958 voters didn’t vote for Trump knowing that fear, hate and lies would only deepen over the next four years.

Besides knowing how erratic and thin-skinned Trump is and  his spewing of hate, fear and lies during the campaigning, there is now a double  concern for the American people in his choice of his presidential Cabinet.

There is not a positive feeling about their way of thinking on how to govern a country that needs stability. These pending Cabinet members are fear-mongers and deniers of climate change.

And if climate change is not handled properly, it will destroy this beautiful planet of ours.

On the life-sustaining social issues that are safety nets for so many, these Cabinet members don’t seem to have any empathy or compassion for the people who need help to achieve “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


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