Casey McMichael: Closer look at pot shops

Customers buy products at the Harvest Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Francisco in April 2016. Associated Press

I applaud Mayor Smyth and his new position back with our city. Congratulations!

I also want to say that his research on whether or not our city should embrace these pot stores should include a look at the states already allowing these stores. Like Colorado.

All you have to read about is their rise in crime, influx of homeless people and illegal smuggling going on. I hope Mr. Smyth and the City Council will keep these stores out of our city.

I know “we all have rights,” and these people who want to get into this business want their way, but I think a real close look at the effects, the problems generated from these stores, may help the decision of the council to keep saying “no.”

Besides, don’t we already have enough problems to deal with in our city?

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