Cher Gilmore: Capital idea for polluted site

Empty dump trucks pull into a soil treatment area to pick up clean dirt as viewed on tour of the clean-up efforts of the Whittaker/Bermite site in Valencia in Oct. 2016. Dan Watson/The Signal

What a great idea Chad Kampbell proposed for the Whittaker-Bermite cleanup site “Seize this choice opportunity,” (Jan. 17 in The Signal)!

It’s questionable whether, even after “cleanup,” the site will ever be suitable for housing, and the polluted aquifer – as well as the shortage of water as climate change continues its pattern of long years of drought punctuated by spurts of excessive water – are added reasons not to build there.

People are drawn to particular cities not just for jobs and housing, but because the cities have something special to offer – some cultural, artistic and/or natural attractions – and open space is one thing people value.

Think Golden Gate Park, Balboa Park, Griffith Park, etc. We do need a highway connection between the Highway 14 freeway and Interstate 5, but everything around the connectors in the Whittaker-Bermite area could be parkland.

Let’s leave space for more natural beauty in Santa Clarita and solve some of our transportation and water issues at the same time.


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