Colorado Craft Beer


Last week my family and I had a chance to visit our good friends in Colorado and spend time relaxing, skiing/snowboarding and of course sampling some of Colorado’s excellent Craft Beers. Colorado has over 230 Craft Breweries which ranks third in the United States behind California (first) and Washington which ranks second. Colorado’s Craft Breweries are known for their creativity and their brewers produce many different styles — everything from traditional styles to “Wild Ales” (beers brewed with yeast in the air at their brewery).

Colorado has also embraced cans for packaging their beers and were some of first Craft Breweries in the U.S. to put their beer into cans. Being that Colorado is an outdoor oriented state, canned beers were the perfect container for outdoor activities. Today, most Colorado breweries package their beer in cans.

Craft Beer is everywhere in Colorado with almost every restaurant/bar having a dedicated craft beer section on their menus. Craft Beer is also utilized in quite a few of their recipes. Walk into any adult beverage purveyor and you will find a plethora of choices of craft from Colorado.

At this past Great American Beer Festival held in Denver, Colorado ranked second in the amount of medals won by state, right behind California which won the most awards! If you want great Craft Beer outside of our state you should head to Colorado. The great thing is that quite a few Colorado Craft Breweries are shipping their amazing beers to California now so you don’t have to go that far to try some of these beers! Cheers! P.S., Colorado is also one beautiful state!

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