David Veal: Vigilance, yes, but outrage, no

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For decades our government and other governments have tried to influence, overthrow and/or interfere in elections overtly and covertly of other countries and regimes that we don’t agree with, and now we’re upset that the Russians may have attempted to change the outcome of our elections.

The facts about these attempts by us and others have been reported in national newspapers and magazines and broadcast on TV news. While it isn’t a good thing for our public policy, it isn’t something new, either.

Yes, we must act vigilant, but to be outraged is almost comical. While I don’t endorse all of Trump’s ideas any more that I accept everything Republicans and Democrats endorse, I believe we could have had better choices from both parties.

We’re in this situation because our elected representatives have failed to discuss immigration, health care, homelessness, unemployment, and other subjects in a meaningful way and to move forward with a plan.

They also are spending most of their time raising funds to get re-elected and blaming the other party for not coming to the table.

It doesn’t help, either, that that local, state and federal agencies selectively do not enforce laws they disagree with. Nor do executive orders by a president support equal justice under the law.

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