Dick Ramirez: Let it be … that warm feeling


In a Saturday column in The Signal, Santa Clarita resident Ken Dean eloquently expressed a warm feeling he experienced when he helped a homeless person with an act of kindness. Kudos to you, Ken!

Allow me to bore you with a similar story. It was a typical Santa Clarita summer day – really hot. I was returning home from Home Depot when I spotted a middle-aged man walking while carrying one of those 3-foot-by-6-foot patio screens on his back.

Not heavy, but punishing on the arms in that position.  Where could he be going? He was in an area where there are no homes.

I have a pickup; I pulled over and asked him if I could help. He said yes, thank you, as he placed the screen in my truck.

I drove him to the area of Placerita Junior High School. How far was that – four or five more miles? In that heat, no water! What was he thinking?

On our arrival, he profusely thanked me.

Driving home, I had the same euphoria Ken Dean must have had. Then my mind stopped and the words burst forth, “That was him!”

I recalled reading in a book about a man who was struggling with a burden on his back. A volunteer (we might call him a “Good Samaritan”) stepped forward and helped him.

Convinced it was, indeed, him, I was further convinced that he was testing me – and I passed! In my joyful folly, I now feel that I am the holder of a “Golden Pass” when I meet St. Peter.

You, too, can work toward that “Golden Pass.” Opportunities for points are all around. Volunteer, donate to our Senior Center. Teach a child to read, mow a disabled person’s lawn, etc. He is all around us.


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