Edward Chaffin: Worthless park doggy bags

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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I have been going to Central Park for years, even before it was a park, and have seen it grow into the beautiful park it is now.

The majority of dog owners have always been good about picking up their dog’s deposits. But our complaint now is the “unusability” of the latest “deposit” bags the park generously provides.

The problem is that they do not open for use, and now we owners see people get frustrated and just leave the doggy deposits behind.

Please, even if the older green ones cost a penny or so more, bring back the previous bags as they are worth it to have a lovely, clean park.

Another problem is dispensing these new bags. When we try to get a bag out we get a big clump of them. We have seen people just throw the extras away. That is also a big waste.

All in all the new bags are worthless.

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