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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In her column “Trying to take back America,” Gwendolyn Sims wants Republicans to “Take America Back” (Jan. 6 in The Signal).

This sounds like something impressive on the surface – but superficial is all it is. Just who does Gwendolyn want to take America back from?

And, while we’re asking, I still haven’t heard anyone explain “When America was great.” When exactly was America greater than now? And what exactly made it greater?

It seems these “conservatives” like Gwendolyn aren’t actually conservative at all. There’s a misconstruing of the word. These folks are actually regressionists.

With some odd attraction they seek to turn back time to a meaner, harsher America when it was “Everyman to himself.” No “It takes a village”; “ Rather, “Baby, you’re on your own.”

Government is good for military build-up and law and order and an industrial prison complex and not much more.

The goals for people like Gwendolyn seem to restrict personal choices, to enforce her beliefs on others, and to create a fractured society of haves and have-nots. Specifically:

• Criminalize abortion;

• Create a tax code that concentrates wealth to the highest 1 percent to 2 percent;

• Reduced social services for the weakest and poorest among us;

• Punish the impoverished;

• Abandon the sick to a “market-based insurance system” that, because it is profit-seeking, will either abandon the very ill or raise rates to an unaffordable high level.

This isn’t the America my father and uncle fought for in WWII. They fought for an America that cared for its citizens and worked for equality for all.

Regressionists like Gwendolyn would put us all the way back to Plymouth Rock if they could, and then call it “purity.”

They should remember that back in those “good old days” life was harsh, brutal, and short. Is that when “America was great?”

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