A polling place worker hands a sticker to a voter after he completed his ballot at Fire Station 73 in Newhall in November. Katharine Lotze/Signal
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County Supervisor Kathryn Barger is wrong about supporting Measure H for the homeless, a quarter-cent sales tax hike for a full 10 years.

City Councilwoman Laurene Weste said, “Santa Clarita is able to carry through and do a good job” for the homeless, so there is no need for a tax increase.

And voters just passed Measure HHH, a $1.2 billion bond measure to help the homeless. Vote no on Measure H

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  • Bill

    Thank your for this article. Asking taxpayers for MORE money is a disgrace when we are already in the highest taxed state to begin with. And what are they spending all that money on anyway? Clearly not education, public safety or infrastructure like they should be. So tired of this…

  • Ricardo Ali Fernandez

    Measure H is a tiny community/county attempt at the corporal works of mercy. It’s the right mutual responsibility process to set up. Just like measure HHH and 2004’s proposition 63 was. While we are like rats in a cage our aspirations are far more than that. Yes, I voted yes on H.

    • lois eisenberg

      YEAH !!!!!

    • Ron Bischof

      I’m not a rat in a cage. I’m a citizen with the right of self-determination.

  • Brian Baker

    Diana, I’m with you. No on H. I also wrote a column on this, published here a few days ago:


  • Ron Bischof

    Efforts to assist the involuntary homeless are best managed locally.

    I’m voting no on Measure H because funding huge government bureaucracies have a stunningly low track record of efficacy.

  • Noemi

    That is exactly right! Also, LA just voted this last election on Measure HHH to combat homelessness. Now they’re requesting more and pretty much double tax on some people? They haven’t began with what they have and already asking for more. Also, I am for, if you’re taking my money I’d like to see how it’s going to be spend. I’d want a say in it. These programs do not require for these people to attempt to get back into society. Like volunteer in order to get back into a routine and society. It’s known when people are in a terrible situation there is no motivation to do anything. So I’d say requirements to get involved into the community to slowly integrate again is needed. I know this because I was around this field for several years. Next will be, how and who is going to pay to activate their electricity, bills, manage their responsibilities, transportation, etc. They’ll request grants and who’s money is that? Also, I met many people who come to California because they hear “[we] give money away.” It’s no wonder with all these taxes and resources that in my opinion are poorly managed and only see one side. “Just get people housing.” Well, that’s been the model and I’ve yet to see any improvement. It’s only gotten worse. Sounds like they want to secure their jobs and have job security by our taxed money. Many small businesses (therefore employees) don’t have that luxury.
    Further, Metro will already be receiving money practically forever with Measure M since who is ever going to fight to defund that? That is unheard of.
    Again, Metro and this group are asking for more money that they will already be receiving and have not began projects to determine if this is even needed.

  • Michael Johnson

    i hate homeless people so much. I wish they would all just die. I don’t want to pay even 0.0025 toward them. It’s THERE FAULT. Let them figure their own lives out.

    • Ron Bischof

      Hyperbole for dramatic effect, Mr. Johnson?

      Check your usage, unless you were illiterate for purposes of parody.

      • Michael Johnson

        No exaggeration and my statement should be be taken literally. Your name is familiar. I’m pretty sure you work at Lexmark.

        • Ron Bischof

          Noted. Wishing death on others is an appalling sentiment and is not a position any civilized person would adopt.

          My employment is no concern of yours nor will your attempt at “exposure” have any effect.

          I do note you corrected your usage.

          • Michael Johnson

            I know who you are. And I know you work at Lexmark. Leave me alone or I will see to it management is made aware of your hostility and harassment. You have a son who depends on you. It would not be good for you, your wife or your family if you loose your job.

          • Ron Bischof

            I’m not harassing you or expressing hostility by commenting in a pubic forum and your threat is risable, Mr. Johnson. In fact, my expressed opinion is quite civil and an exercise of free speech recognized by our Constitution.

            By the way, the correct spelling for your usage isn’t “loose”, it’s lose.


          • Michael Johnson

            Well smart guy, I choose “lose.” You’re a funny person. But you know what would be really hysterical? If you and your wife found your son dead with his eyes wide open. Picture your sons dead body covered in maggots in his own feces. That would be funny. I hope that happens to you. Cheers!

          • Ron Bischof

            Threats on the internet? People do sort themselves out, don’t they, Mr. Johnson?

            Thank you for revealing who you are and discrediting anything you write.