Dick Cesaroni: Anarchy and chaos


I have listened to about all of this BS in the newspapers and on TV that I can stand. It is time for all politicians to start doing what we voted them into office to do – and that is to take care of our country.

It’s definitely not to get involved with the revenge type of politics that are going on now – especially involving Senators Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They are so pathetic.

Get over it. Deal with it. Mr. Trump is the president of the United States and that’s it. No amount of protests is going to change that.

The politicians have to stop acting like 6-year-olds (my apologies to most 6-year-olds) and start acting like adults and stop the snipping, back-stabbing and juvenile tactics and petty revenges. Just plain childish.

You have to all come together and start running our country like we expect you to do. Right now you are tearing it apart.

Democrats, Republicans and independents and whatever party you support, try supporting our country instead of trying to tear it down. The people wanted to elect a person who knew how to run a business and now that they got him they are screaming.

The election is over and whether you like it or not the Republicans won. I do not recall the citizenry acting like this when Obama won the election.

Most people, including me, did not like it, but we adopted an attitude of “give it a chance; let’s hope he works it out.”

I appeal to all citizens to go home, take care of your families, your jobs, your educations and hopefully the politicians will do the same in Washington, D.C.

And I make the cry of “If they don’t take care of our country, then don’t re-elect them.”

I must say thank you for one small item to all of the crybabies, whiners and complainers: With all of your crying you have helped to relieve the drought conditions in Southern California.

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