Kim Escamillo: Canyon Girls Basketball and a ray of sunshine

The Canyon High Girls basketball team celebrates their 53-45 win over Vista Murrieta at Canyon on Feb. 18. Dan Watson/The Signal

Several years ago my daughter Jennifer and I had lunch at Wood Ranch. We were approached by a wait staff lady from across the room. She apologized for interrupting but wanted to thank my daughter.

This lady was having a bad day, but whenever she looked at Jennifer, my daughter had a huge smile on her face. The lady realized that Jennifer’s smile was making her happy also.

I share this because I have a horrible, horrible cold recently along with all those regular stresses on a pouring-rain Friday. I’ve been pretty miserable.

I had just sat down to read the newspapers that were piling up and on the front page of a sports section was this incredible photo of Canyon High’s Girls Basketball players looking positively joyous.

All of a sudden my spirits were lifted.

I have been a continual subscriber to this newspaper for more than 25 years, and this has been the best motivation yet to continue my subscription.

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