Ron Singerman: Who are state reps supporting?


Gwendolyn Sims’ column “Out of touch with citizens” published Feb. 10 in The Signal shows she understands why the Democrats lost the November election. Karen Fencil’s letter to the editor “Not at all presidential” published Feb. 8 shows she does not.

Clinton spouted the same old, same old while Trump appealed to the constituency. Love him or hate him, you’ve got him for the next four years and you can only blame yourselves.

The California majority leadership seemingly has not learned from the November loss. What if they continue down the same path with supporting sanctuary cities, open borders, releasing criminals into the public and now trying to seceding from the U.S.?

They may learn the lesson that they should have learned in November.
It’s the legal U.S. citizens who vote, not non-citizens legal or illegal – or felons, for that matter.

My heads-up to Sacramento? Represent your constituents, not your own selfish agenda.

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