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I returned from Phoenix several weeks ago from watching baseball spring training. When you cross the Colorado River from California to Arizona you are aware of a noticeable improvement in the highway and – wonder of all wonders – the rest stops are open and welcoming.

The first thing that you notice when returning to California is a closed rest stop that has been that way for a number of years.

Gasoline was $2.15 a gallon in Arizona, and Albertsons gave me a bag to carry home my groceries. 

In the last week I have spoken to three people who indicated to me that they were moving out of state because it had just gotten too expensive to continue living in California.

If things were not bad enough already, our goofball governor has just succeeded in raising taxes again to pay for road repair. Haven’t we done this before? Living in California is beginning to feel like we are living in an alternate universe.

The head goofball in Sacramento proposes one crazy thing after the next, and the citizens like blind sheep vote for it or watch as the liberals pass another destructive piece of legislation.

Not only will this increase the price of everything, but the poor and the middle class will be radically affected.

When I moved here in 1966, California was a land of milk and honey. Now it has become a wasteland of taxes and regulations.

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  • Brian Baker

    I’m with you, Jim. I moved here in 1970, and thought at the time, “I’ve made it to paradise”.

    In the intervening years the crazy Marxists running this place have managed to flush paradise down the toilet.

  • Dee Reilman

    I moved to CA in 1959 as a teenager…. NOW, it’s like the LIBERALS want every CONSERVATIVE to leave the State… Many have moved & more are looking for better RETIREMENT areas… PRICES are going to go UP, UP, UP on EVERYTHING from FOOD, CLOTHING & GASOLINE…. What once was a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE, it’s now becoming ”MEXIFORNIA” ….

    • Jay McGhee

      Odd name for a state you claim is too expensive for you to live in. How are Mexicans going to live here? How about making enough money to live here? Ever tried that?

      • PursueJustice

        It’s called welfare.

  • lois eisenberg

    “Tax Day reminds us that a strong and prosperous society requires that everyone contribute. Without taxes, there would be no public education and health systems, safe communities, secure retirements, reliable transportation systems, food assistance for hungry children, and an economic security system to protect and boost struggling families.”

    “Bottom line: Our tax dollars help build the future of our country.”

    • Susie Loproto

      Secure retirement?? CA does not have enough money to fund pensions???? You can only tax so much and then you are going to run out of other peoples money!!!!

    • Psalms139.23.24

      Ahhh…. Nothing like the sounds of the farm to take ya back. Is that a sheep I hear?… “baa-baaaa, taxes are great and always competently spent by our trusted, loyal elected officials, baa-baaa.”

  • Gary Bierend

    It is sad what has happened to my home state. With retirement less than two months away, I’m looking forward to planning my escape from the excessive taxes, fees and regulations.

  • Bill Reynolds

    Excellent observations, Jim Horton. I keep wondering what it’s going to take for the pendulum to swing right in this goofy state. It’s really bizarre how screwed up Kaliphonia has become for too many years now….

  • audi04

    Agreed. We moved to CA in 1965 and it was paradise. Now, not so much. The infrastructure and schools are horrid. It is a shame what has happened to CA and I am grateful I have the memories of growing up here when the beaches weren’t crowded, when the school system was still great and when avocado and orange groves were in abundance. Traffic is ridiculous and homes are expensive. I hate what has happened to this state. Tagging and trash everywhere and people who are lucky enough to live in a single family residence don’t appreciate it and park 10 cars on the front lawn, the yards are more junk yard and chicken ranches than lovely gardens to enjoy the weather. I don’t get it. At all.

  • Roger ‘Rio’ Knull

    I lived in Cali for 11 years starting in 1985. This was when the worm began to turn. I will never live there again.

  • Lynn Aliment

    I’m a lifelong resident – born in 1960. And I remember a CA that was. Now we look look more like an Eastern European Socialist country, than a leading western world leader. There is a day of reckoning- it is unavoidable. When that day comes I will move. Until then I will convert to the Republican Party and hope millions follow…

  • Michael

    I am a lifelong resident and I have watched, with great sadness, this state be destroyed right under my feet by the burden of all things liberal. From taxes and regulations, to crime and poverty, to the influx and acceptance and DEFENSE of illegal aliens this once gorgeous state has become a broken-down relic of what once was.
    There is no turning back since the takers now outnumber the producers and will always vote for the ” Free ” stuff they think they somehow deserve.


    So sad, it doesn’t seem to stop, bag tax, car tax, gas tax, homeless tax. I email and call my representatives but they don’t care. I can’t find a way to fight back. Only hope is to leave Ca also 🙁

  • 1inidaho

    Moved away 13 years ago. For those of you moving to where I live, remember what you are trying to escape from. Please leave your bad habits in California and not try to re-create them here.

  • PursueJustice

    As soon as my parents pass, I’m moving out as well. There are just too many stupid people in California who keep voting for liberal insanity. Wait and see what happens when the majority of good, hard working, and intelligent people have all moved out. The State will eventually crash and burn when all the givers have left and only takers remain.