Arnold Mann: Take home invasion burglary more seriously

Two sheriff's deputies prepare to secure a residence near Wellhaven Avenue and Crossglade Avenue in Canyon Country on April 27, 2017. (Austin Dave/The Signal)

Jonathan Kraut’s column in The Signal’s April 25 Opinion section was “right on target” in many instances. In particular he mentions that “emotional harm and trauma for home burglary victims may be just as real as for a victim who had been assaulted in person.”

My thoughts exactly ! Earlier this month I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with a sheriff’s deputy and expressed my concern regarding home invasions.

I stressed my feelings that the perpetrator was indeed the “deadly weapon” and should be incarcerated for longer sentences for causing the fear of assault. This deputy’s answer was, firstly, that judges and the courts initially consider the circumstances of the offense and can at times punish more severely and that secondly, the homeowner could legally “shoot to kill”!

Home invasion should not be taken as lightly as it seems to be taken presently as it is equated to minor thefts. Getting tougher on this aspect of crime, even with first offenders, will send a message and hopefully will protect innocent, law-abiding citizens from life-threatening invasions of privacy where children may be involved as well.


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