Casey McMichael: Keep the Trojan Horse of pot out of our city

A sheriff's deputy thumbs through bagged quantities of marijuana at the scene of a drug bust in Canyon Country in 2016. Austin Dave/The Signal

I’ve written about this before and I will probably continue to address this subject until our city government decides what to do with the marijuana issue. I appreciate Mayor Smyth’s “research” committee and I do hope members do their homework to find the facts they need to make a positive decision.

I hope they consider what former Rep. Patrick Kennedy is doing with his newly formed “SAM” (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) organization in letting the public make smarter choices about this subject.

One of the great things he’s said in a recent article is: “What I worry about is marijuana sapping the motivation and cognition of our young people” (Article by Sarah B. Boxer, “Weed and the American Family”).

This is what I have been trying to say, and he’s said it. Our future is at stake. Our future leaders of our community, our state and our nation.

As much as people are saying pot is OK and they have rights to use it, they are also saying they don’t care about what it does to them or their children’s future.

It’s hard to change an “attitude” about anything, but this is what Mayor Smyth’s committee should look at, as well. Just because something is “trending” in society does not mean we need to embrace it as true or right for our city.

If we are to continue to want our city to be “family friendly,” how are pot stores going to help that? If it’s all about the money, then where does our attitude lie?

If we allow these stores in our city, I think we are allowing the “Trojan Horse” of more trouble to come.

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