Kevin Eliason: 2 homeruns in weekend paper


Two big thank-you kudos for two articles in the Weekender edition. On page 1 the story “Officers added to enforce traffic laws” is news that’s been needed for years.

Traffic deputies know which streets require extra attention: basically, any through street between “Welcome to the City” signs that have become an extension of the Mountasia Race Track.

As a former officer who worked traffic, I see violations every day for cell phone, texting and unsafe driving. I only hope the six-deputy motor unit will be intact permanently and not just a show for this traffic safety month. Thank you, city and Sheriff’s Department.

The second big thank you is for your spot-on editorial “The high cost of fresh pavement” re: the new Gov. Moonbeam Gas Tax Hike, which takes effect Nov. 1. Is there any way this financial screwing can be overturned before it takes effect?

The political cronyism and favoritism for the bucks is well documented in your editorial.

I suggest you reprint the editorial on the front page. It might just wake up those who gloss over the editorial pages in a general lack of interest. This is too important to just roll over and take it.


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