Bill Reynolds: Big ‘thanks’ to West Ranch teacher, students


Recently I had the pleasure and high honor of speaking to a very large group of history students at West Ranch High School, thanks to an invitation from Mr. Todd Arrowsmith, a history teacher at West Ranch.

The session occurred during lunch time, yet the students took the time and poured into the classroom. An accordion wall had to be opened to double the classroom size as it was jammed with students and faculty members. It was standing room only.

Now I have spoken before college and high school classes in the past, but this event was simply amazing. My presentation included showing a short video preview of “Brothers in War,” a National Geographic documentary about my Vietnam War combat unit, and it seemed that those 17-year-olds were mesmerized. “Brothers in War” can be seen on Netflix.

Mr. Arrowsmith and his fellow history teachers are presently covering the Vietnam War, which is why I was invited. In past high school classes some students, quite frankly, were uninterested and even rude, but that was clearly not the case at West Ranch.

These students were locked in, attentive and their questions were respectable, well-thought-out and well-articulated. West Ranch students are obviously well-mannered, well-taught and their curiosity of history and the Vietnam War was exceptional.

I sensed that these students possess a great deal of patriotism, which I sincerely appreciated.

I wish to publicly thank Mr. Arrowsmith, West Ranch High School students and other faculty members who provided me such terrific hospitality.

Bill Reynolds is the Signal Director of Veterans Affairs and a Valencia resident.

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