Adnan Abdeen: Disappointed in ridiculous rudeness

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Over the last two years, I have watched our national politics descend into a childish incivility that pollutes our country’s political conversation and needlessly distracts from the important issues we face.

From Hillary Clinton’s “Dangerous Donald” to President Trump’s unending Twitter tussles, we have witnessed a near-daily assault on civility and focus in politics.

Like most Santa Claritans, I am a practical voter with an aversion to boorishness. We demand a respectful exchange of views based on fact-based logic concerning important issues.

I was thus troubled by a May 26 opinion article that offered an appalling display of name-calling and unnecessary discourtesy, undoubtedly distracting readers from otherwise intriguing arguments regarding recent talk of impeachment.

As Americans, we rightly delight in spirited political discussion. But for the sake of decency and for the sake of maintaining focus on the real issues, let’s together commit to avoiding ridiculous rudeness.


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