Roselva Ungar: Health care a necessity for everyone


Regarding “Health care free market abject failure,” Steve Lunetta’s column published May 25 in The Signal, thank you, Steve, for speaking out on this, telling the truth: “A few people (like insurance companies) have made a mountain of money. For the rest of us, we suffer with expensive and cost-ineffective care.”

There is an opportunity here in California to try a single-payer system. It’s SB 562. It has passed the appropriation committee and has an excellent chance of passing both state houses once the revenue issue is worked out.

Yes, at first it will be more costly, but prevention works and will gradually reduce costs, as it has in other developed countries. I think we must look at health care as a necessity for everyone.

We can all pay, according to our capacity, so that Steve’s wife, and everyone else who is in need of care, will receive it without paying impossible amounts.

People are not products to be exchanged for profit as in a market system. We all want to live in a humane and sustainable society that cares for everyone.


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