Thomas Oatway: Listening to the voices

A protestor outside of Congressman Steve Knight's Santa Clarita offices repeats "This is what democracy looks like" through a megaphone while holding a sign that reads "Hey Knight! Do the right thing!" during a protest with the Unite Here organization to protest what protestors called "Trump care" on Feb. 23. Katharine Lotze/The Signal
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First, I wish to thank you for publishing my recent opinion letter on health-care policy and the need for a “public option” if we are going to continue with insurance-based, so-called free-market health care.

Also, Friday’s full page of Opinion pieces on health care policy is very much appreciated by those of us who are concerned that the GOP AHCA legislation missed badly in correcting the flaws in Obamacare.

I would also like to commend The Signal ‘s coverage of the June 1, 2017, town hall in Santa Clarita with Rep. Steve Knight, R-Palmdale. Our 25th Congressional District is pretty evenly divided between political leanings of liberals, conservatives and moderates.

Knight needs to hear and represent all segments of our community, not just follow his party line. Coverage of these events will help him hear voices from all sides and hopefully forge thoughtful and balanced positions on critical issues in Congress.

Unfortunately, Knight gave some puzzling responses to questions from a polarized audience about health care and other topics during the town hall.

When asked by a seventh-grade student  about the GOP health care bill, Knight  responded that “people with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women will stay protected.”

He also stated that with AHCA, “no one will be kicked off Medicaid.”  Obviously, he is another politician who has difficulty correlating facts and the truth.

The AHCA, according to the non-partisan CBO, will lead to unaffordable insurance premiums in the individual market for seniors below 65 It cuts $618 billion from Medicaid and eliminates support for Planned Parenthood, which supports pre-natal health care for low-income women.

He told another audience member that he “would not vote to reduce Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security Disability.” Umm … Knight already voted for AHCA, which cuts Medicaid.

Can we now trust him to protect Medicare and Social Security?

Thomas Oatway

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