Cher Gilmore: Knight should be on Climate Solutions Caucus

Rep. Steve Knight. Dan Watson/The Signal

Recently the Defense Authorization Bill was discussed in the House of Representatives, and Rep. Scott Perry, R-PA, introduced an amendment opposing a climate-focused one previously introduced by Rep. Jim Langevin, D-RI.

Langevin’s amendment directs the Secretary of Defense to identify what military assets might be at risk because of climate change and figure out how to protect them.

Perry’s amendment called for striking all the climate change language from the bill, meaning the military wouldn’t be required to assess and prepare for climate risks.

Together, 24 Democrats and 22 Republicans from the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus voted to defeat the Perry amendment – and they were joined by 24 additional Republicans who are not (yet!) on the caucus.

Congressman Steve Knight was one of those other 24 Republicans who had the courage to acknowledge what the military already knows – that climate change is a threat multiplier endangering our national security.

Congressman Knight should be commended for stepping outside Republican orthodoxy and voting “no” on the amendment that was not in our national interest. And showing this kind of leadership on the issue, why is he not on the Climate Solutions Caucus?

Cher Gilmore



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