Gil Mertz: Donald Trump: International man of mystery

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump smiles as he arrives to speak at an election night rally on Nov. 9, 2016. (AP Photo)


Even before Donald Trump was elected, his opponents have been whining that he is unprepared, incompetent and downright stupid. How did a man of such low intellect pull off the crime of the century by colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton?

He had to do it under the ever-vigilant, watchful eye of Barack Obama, who was running the country at that time. How did such a dimwit outsmart the Department of Homeland Security and leave absolutely no clues behind?

How did this nincompoop manage to pull this off during an FBI investigation and fool everyone in law enforcement?

How could someone so clueless complete this secret mission and leave absolutely no evidence for the CIA to discover?

And how did this bungling boob work directly with Russian operatives under the white hot spotlight of the media who were watching his every move during the election but never suspecting a thing about Russia?

So which is it, all you Trump-haters? Is he a man of such genius to fool Obama, Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Johnson, Clinton, and the entire mainstream media? Or is he the dummy that you all love to hate?

Considering all the people who were in power while Trump was allegedly working with the Russians, maybe you’re looking at the wrong dummies.

Gil Mertz
Agua Dulce


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