Gordon Uppman: Republicans have no health care solutions

Protesters with the organization Unite Here gather outside the door of Congressman Steve Knight's Santa Clarita offices on Feb. 23 to protest the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Katharine Lotze/The Signal

The watershed moment for health care reform was the celebration held in the Rose Garden after the House passage of the Republican bill. The expression of joy was not for any benefits for citizens but to show us what the Republicans stand for: $600B+ taken away from health care and continuing support for the extraordinary profits for the Pharma and Insurance interests.

Our Steve Knight voted for this bill and against the needs of his constituents – understandable as Republicans could not lose a single vote.

Republicans are voting consistent with the wishes of their source of power and reelection funding and not the needs of the people. Despite their efforts to find some magic solution for the new bill, their hands are tied.

No wonder the Democrats cannot be included in writing the bill as long as these Republican mandates remain.

It is sad that Trump has abandoned his promise of better and cheaper health care for all.

Medicare for all is an obvious solution. Unfortunately, a California-only proposal has significant funding problems as it requires huge tax increases and continued federal funding. Nonetheless, a beautiful dream.

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