Lois Eisenberg: What’s the rush with Wray?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

To be fair and just, the confirmation of Christopher A. Wray as FBI director should have been postponed until an independent investigation be established and Trump’s affiliations with Russia be scrutinized and completed.

This would be just, honest , show good judgment and make logical sense to legitimize the pursuit or attack to both parties.

Hopefully justice from improper influence will be advantageous to both sides.

I’m not doubting the honesty of Mr. Wray, but rather doubting the honesty of Trump by past performances and present misconducts. It would be a fair outcome knowing that Trump has been lying, been unethical, unscrupulous and wanting things done his way regardless of the American people’s well being.

The deregulation of the EPA and the very damaging health care bill proposal show Trump’s agenda is not justice for all but appears to be the love of the almighty dollar for himself and his administration.

Knowing that Trump hand picked Mr. Wray leaves numerous doubts about whether the FBI can conduct its investigation without any interference from the White House.

The American people deserve better than this to stabilize their thoughts and feelings about how this country should be governed.

America and the American people as well as the world are on very shaky ground right now with all the negative plans brought forth by this administration.

Lois Eisenberg

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