Lynne Winner: Supervisor Barger, explain your actions, please

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

I am writing regarding the recent appeal “hearing” on the Chiquita Canyon Landfill extension. I read an article in the July 5 Signal by Laurel Taylor who attended this Board of Supervisors meeting.

What I learned through her first-hand account was discouraging. The decision had already been made to support the extension of this landfill (now at capacity) without taking the time to consider the input of concerned citizens that day.

The people who made this effort to speak with you deserved better than this. Our Santa Clarita Valley deserves better than pretending there will be a hearing for the public in far-flung Los Angeles.

Please take the time to write The Signal and explain the decision you made that day to stand by the extension. It seems that promises were given some time ago to close this landfill and use other options. We need to know why those options were not a good idea, and why an appeal was not even considered.

Also, concerned citizens would like to know more about the campaign funding given to you by Waste Connections. Details, please.

The Santa Clarita Valley is quite a ways from your Los Angeles office. If there were constituents willing to lose a day’s wages to speak with you, they deserved to be heard and considered on that day.

Their concerns reflect those of many SCV residents who could not attend. Please address these concerns publicly.

Lynne Winner

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