Sally White: Water legislation a bad idea


Try as I might, I just cannot understand why SB-634 was created in the first place. And it is even more difficult to discern just how such a bill could get as far as it has in Sacramento.

It is a bad bill, and still has a number of flaws that need to be corrected before even considering the proposed merger of the Castaic Lake Water Agency and Newhall County Water District.

Arguments in favor of the merger have been repeatedly put before decision makers and appropriate agencies, but there seems to be no interest in investigation, understanding, and follow up on these important issues!

I wonder whether these officials may know something that is not generally known to the public about why this bill should be passed in its present state. The only explanation that appears to be a possibility is that campaign donations have a much stronger voice than do the voices of reason, intelligence, common sense, and the electorate.

This bill should not be passed to avoid a lawsuit and cover up the reason for the lawsuit. There are other problems.

To OK this bill now is akin to the building department signing off on a structure with a weak foundation. It will only lead to future trouble for the handling of our very precious water supply in Santa Clarita!

This merger is not good for our community.

Sally White

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