Will Loo: Lowering the speed limit/driving slower

A memorial sits near the site of where Collin Gore and Joel Godfrey died in a head-on collision on McBean Parkway near Decoro Drive on Monday night. Katharine Lotze/The Signal

Hello, my name is Will Loo. I am 12 years old. I am sending this letter to you for the Communication merit badge for Boy Scouts.

After reading Lois Eisenberg’s article about speeding/lowering the speed limit in Santa Clarita, I believe that we should lower the speed limit. I think people are driving too fast on the roads in Santa Clarita.

On July 4 an innocent life was taken due to someone speeding through the city. In 2015 California had 2,925 deaths due to people speeding.

I think that people should drive slower through town and we should lower the speed limits of the roads in Santa Clarita. Thank you for your time.

Will Loo
Santa Clarita

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