Young Democrats: Immigration issue about morality, not just legality

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The widespread deportation scares are not an issue that only terrorizes the heart of Los Angeles, or even your Latino neighbors in Newhall.

It is an issue that keeps your children’s Asian classmates at home in Stevenson Ranch. It is an issue that prevents Middle Eastern elders in Canyon Country from going to the grocery store.

Although this is a dire problem for a portion of the Latino population, this is not a strictly Latino issue. This is a community issue.

This is not a minority issue. This is a majority issue.

It seems a simple issue to solve. After all, there is a clear positive and a clear negative answer to the question, “Are you a United States citizen?”

However, the people who are still working on securing either their papers or a substantial career to remain in the United States can’t answer that question with full clarity. Even people who have their papers in order fear deportation, or at the very least some negative consequences from their immigration status.

In asking for a more humane approach to the immigration and citizenship issue, there is no request that everyone advocates for any and all people burdened with misfortune to come to the United States.

There’s a reason the longstanding, preexisting vetting process exists for incoming refugees and potential citizens. It is not a liberal stance but a moral stance to at least sympathize with those who, no matter whether a citizen or non-citizen, may fear loss of home, family or livelihood.

– Santa Clarita Valley Young Democrats


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