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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

On Aug. 16 The Signal published an opinion column by Gary Horton entitled “The Deplorable basket spills its wretch.” In the column he used the recent Charlottesville riot as a platform from which to launch a diatribe against the “Alt-Right,” rationalizing it with the cloak of continuing “injustice” in this country.

Sometimes Horton cracks me up. All that bleating about the “Alt-Right,” and not a peep about the equivalent nut jobs on his own side of the aisle.

The Occupy fools; Black Lives Matter; even those “counter-protesters” in Charlottesville, among many others. What about them?

Oh, wait. … “And all of these abuses and so many more over so many generations have created deeply embedded social challenges. … America remains a land of vast inequality and vast variance in potential. White privilege does abound, …” writes Horton.

So I guess that as long as you have some kind of historical (and hysterical) claim that somewhere in history your victimhood group “suffered” some kind of “injustice” – as long as you’re not a white Christian male, of course – you’re perfectly free, and even justified, in acting out like a herd of jackals. Is that it?

This is the same kind of lunacy we see in so much of the Middle East, where tribal and religious factionalism, based on “grievances” going back hundreds of years or more, have led to the mess that area is today.

And yet there he is, making excuses for exactly the same kind of behavior taking place here.

Good grief.

Brian Baker



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